Sweden 2016-04-20

*My experience with the Racechip Ultimate for the BMW N54 E89 sDrive35is*

Installed the Racechip Ultimate today, Saturday the 16th of April 2016.
To begin with the cable harness coming with the Racechip had no markings
what so ever so this really sucks. As to the installation manual the
cable harness should be marked with A for boost pressure sensor and B
for MAP sensor but these markings can not be found. After a long time
surfing the internet and watching Racechip installation videos for BMW
N54 engine I think to have figured out what harness going to what
pressure sensor.

After installation completed I fired up the engine and it run fine
without errors, so far so good. did a test run and concluded no power
gains what so ever, big disappointment. Opened the Racechip box to see
the rotary switch settings which was factory adjustment B1 that is S1=1
and S2=B .Turned the switches up to tuning 2 that is S1=1 and S2=D. Did
a new test run and even more disappointed as the same result as before.
Decided to bypass Racechip with the deactivation plug to see if there is
any difference and there is NO difference at all.

At this time I decided to adjust the settings to tuning 3 that is rotary
switch S1=2 and S2=E and did a test run with the same result, NO power
gains at all. *Is the Racechip Ultimate box I received just a dummy??*

I will let you know that I have the BMW Alpina Awron gauge installed so
I have full control of boost pressure, power and torque in real time so
I can honestly say that the Racechip Ultimate for the N54 sDrive35is has
*no effect at all*.

Well, there is one question and that is if I got the cable harness A and
B markings correct so I decided to test and switch the Racechip cable
harness A to the MAP sensor and B to the boost pressure sensor. I was
worried about damage if the sensors was mixed up but I fired up the
engine with the deactivation plug installed and it run fine without any
errors which I think is odd if the MAP and boost pressure sensor should
be mixed up. Did a new test drive with tuning 3 settings and same as
before absolutely NO power gains what so ever.

I have before tested JB4 , Cobb and the ESS tuning systems with the E89
N54 engine and all of them with very good power gains so I have some
experience in what could be expected with the Racechip Ultimate. At this
point I have removed Racechip and I expect a full explanation from the
Racechip crew what can be wrong and a satisfying support for solving
this issue. If Racechip can not deliver I demands full compensation.

My experience is that Racechip support sucks as I have sended two
e-mails , one before buying and one for help with the cable harness lack
of markings but I have not received any answer. So because of this, if I
do not receive any answer and help from Racechip before the 20th of
April 2016 I will put this text on all BMW forums that discusses
Racechip tuning.


Update the 20th of April
As of today I have received two answers from Racechip the 18th and 19th of April and none of them satisfying. The first answer from Margarita T. Customer Service Racechip explaining that "Some ECU's require a day or two to get used to the new values and feel the increase on the performance." this first answer also says " The BMW 316d is one of our best sellers, I'm sure we can find a solution and increase the performance on your BMW. In very rare cases, where there is an issue with the engine, we cannot install a RaceChip, but on a BMW that is something that we very rarely see." Well as the headline in this write up says I do not have a BMW 316d .

The second answer is from M. Tovar Customer Service Racechip, probably the same person as signed the first answer " Please tell me how the settings are and how long have they stayed that way. I'm sure we can make the RaceChip work and bring the extra performance for your BMW Z4 sDrive35is. Thanks in advance for your reply." Well I sended an explanation for the settings that is also is stated in the write up and as of today the 20th there is no answer from Racechip so I have sended M. Tovar another mail asking for a full refund and the adress where to return the Racechip Ultimate.

For questions and more information about this you can reach me at jonas@hellhopp.se